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17 July 2013



the squares are nice, but i just prefer the rectangles myself. i think the rectangles have a more random look to them as you see a bit more of the pattern at once.

Sherry Green Peck

Wow, these are big and beautiful!! Of course I LOVE the ones in the window!! What a hard decision, as the rectangles are nice, but the squares make a more even or consistent pattern IF that is what you are after...I need to look at them more and maybe squint my eyes to see which looks best....if possible because they are both wonderful! WHAT a lot of work!

Sherry Green Peck

Now that I have looked again...it would depend with what you were going to put them, like a piece of fabric...if so maybe the SQUARES?!


I like them both. Can you mix the 2? Adds even more interest. Love your patterns!


Freakin' awesome! I love both of the squares and rectangles. I say go half and half with what you've got!

Dana Barbieri

I really like them both. Great work!!


Thanks so much, maryk, Sherry, Laura, Briana and Dana! I'm still considering options... The strips haven't decided what they want to be yet.


I love your color pallet!


Thanks, Paula! I tried for color, but ended up with a lot of my usual vintage-y stuff.

Monica Riffe

you have a very appealing color palette , and the jots of turquoise and orange give movement to it and some zing. Rectangles are my fave.Squares are too busy.

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